Critique Magazine

Cover & spread for three issues

Name plate for Critique social magazine and two additional spreads with corresponding covers. The word “critique” is put in parentheses to signify a comment or an afterthought to the rest of information in the text, much like Critique comments on or explains social issues. One of the “i”s is flipped horizontally to form an exclamation mark to signify that the content is significant and should be paid attention to. The “e” is flipped vertically to show that there are different points of view on each issue.

All visuals for the Critique magazine are a combination of photographic images and illustrations.

The first cover and spread are for an article on tolerance and how women are forced to dress a certain way according to society’s standards. Both print and digital spreads of the article are interactive; the pieces of clothing from different cultures can be cut out and placed on the mannequin. That would help the reader think about the standards created by the society of what women should wear and how it’s more of a dress up that respect for women’s right to choose the way they dress.

Other two spreads were designed for an article on modern technology and how spending a significant amount of time by looking at 2D screen actually change the structer of our brain, and an article on overprescribing of pain medication.